IF Plane Spotting at LCY

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Recommended to me by @Ritesh321 , so I decided to do it, I hope you enjoy.

1.British Airways E190, DUB-LCY, BA728
2.KLM Cityhopper E190,LCY-AMS,KL2890
3.EazyJet A319, ZUR-LCY, U2100
4.KLM B737, LCY-AMS, KL3480


What’s the ICAO?

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For London City, and if so, EGLC.

Nice one. Personnaly i like the KLM Embrarer the most

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Just please @Dlva158 it’s easyJet, it’s write on the aircraft 🤣 great pics btw !!


It’s easyJet not EazyJet.


An A319 and B737 at LCY 😱


tHe A tHrEe oNe NiNE aNd thE BoeINg sEveN SevEn aRe NOt aLLoWeD aT lONdoN CitY aIRpOrT

jk cool photos.

Presenting, the brand new boeing seven-seven.

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jokes aside, great photos you got there @Dlva158

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Ok thanks!

Ha, thanks!

Yeah next time there’s a easyjet plane I’ll fix it.

Yeah they operate there.

Thanks! A bunch, I hope enjoy the other photos I post.

No the largest jet allowed at LCY is the A318

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Does anybody want anymore airports, or aircraft they want to see.

SpOtTiNg On ThE cAsUaL sErVeR

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No This was just replay from my landings!