IF pitch and roll

hello! so i was trying to fly about 20 minutes ago and i could not rotate so i went into my settings and the pitch was just fully off, so i reset it and it shows nothing can someone help out?


What device is this on as a start

it’s an ipad 9.5 inch

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Have you tried the setup tutorial on the bottom?

10.5* that’s what i mean

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yes i have and it doesn’t work

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Have you tried verifying you have the latest IF version and or have restarted your iPad?

i restarted my ipad already… i’m gonna do it again just to see.

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okay it worked finally 🥳 now i can get on over to charlotte thank you sir! have an amazing night/day

It happens from time to time, the accelerometer/gyroscope gets hung up. Usually it can be resolved with full power down and turning the device back on. Glad to see you have it working now. Enjoy!

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