IF pics wanted|Frontier Special Livery

The First Thing I‘m Going to say

Hey!I’m going to build a web site about Amazing IF pics.
Now,I want to collect some pics ,if you are interested in that,see that:

IF Pictures Wanted

if you have some good pictures about if,please send me emails!
That massage have to include:
•Flight info,and the background
•Pictures with:
No Hud
Without the watermark

If you won‘t someone who will download your pics,you can have watermark if your want. I‘ll mark the framer as well,don’t worry about this!

On the website,I’ll warned them to use the pics in the wrong way.
If you have some suggest,you can give me emails too!
My email address:henning_guo@icloud.com

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This time,I flew A320 with Frontier Livery. It was amazing!

Flying Details

Parking at the gate

Take off

On the Cruise ALT

A big turn


At the parking gate

Hope you can enjoy it

Correction:I‘ll warn them when they are going to download the pics

awesome pics, very nicely done !

Thanks!I’ll move on

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Come and see!