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Hey. Recently I have been watching real life landings and I realized that most of the landings last about 15- 25 seconds sometimes. When I play IF I find myself hitting 60kts in a matter of a couple seconds. Is it me landing at too low of speeds (I generally land at 145-160) or is the Physics not completely right. PS: This isn’t a complaint post and I understand that IF dev crew have done their BEST at making the physics the best as possible. This is only a post to figure out if I am just landing completely wrong. Thank you!

It’s neither it’s you deploying reverse thrust sooner, and at a greater thrust then in RL. Also slamming on the brakes.

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I generally deploy reverse about one second after touch down and I put on the brakes at bout 70-80kts. Is this wrong?

Depending on aircraft, most pilots deploy brakes around, 40 or 50 knots, if I’m not mistaken.

Wait for the nose to come down to deploy reverse thrust. Only use about half the available power. Then for the brakes I tap them. We don’t have different forces of braking so tapping it mimics half braking pressure.

I see them use auto brakes in most planes.

Ok thank you! I will make sure to take in account of what you use. I usually use 100% reverse and 100% of brakes. No wonder I don’t even get to half way and I find myself stopped. It was always weird reaching 35kts even before passing the land markings.


Yea I think you’ve got your answer. Another something I do is after I reach 60knts, I bring down reverse thrust to around 5% until around 40knts, mimicking idle reverse thrust, which is also pretty commonly used.

K thanks for the tip! I will make sure to take that into account!

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Make sure you’re not using the parking brake. That is for parking not slowing down

So then how would someone slow down below 30kts?

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You use the brake 😂😂

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By using the braking system. Pull down on the Rudder

That’s the same thing as the parking brake

waitttt whatt!!! thats possible!

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Yep, I suggest trying it out, throttle up then release the throttle then pull down on the rudder a bit. Don’t worry took me a while to realise it to, it isn’t well marked

@TwinsRock88. So Rudder Brake suprises you! Here’s another surprise, all inventory aircraft have AntiSkid/AutoBrake. Try this on Approach when you dirty up (wheels down) set the parking brake button on. On Touch Down the auto system will activate. No more skid and smooth continual braking. Deactivate the Parking Brake when you hit taxi speed (-35).
Taxi off utilizing the Rudder Brake and use it for Taxiway turns and slot maneuver, Set the Parking Brake at shutdown. (I use the reverser at Nose Wheel Down and hold it down till auto shutdown.) Push that airplane to its design limit on the kiddie server. Just go for it till you get comfortable. Then fenese it… Regards

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