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I’m looking to start an actual pilot logbook just for flights in infinite flight. However, I need some tips on how to make and organize one. I know some people here have made these before, so I’m wondering If anyone has any template, suggestions, or tips for an IF logbook.


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Not entirely sure I am answering your question, but there are online tools you can use to generate the briefing for each flight (SimBrief, Foreflight, etc…). You could print those to PDF or a hard copy. I guess that would be the best of the logs as it would have all of the details about your flight.


Also another option is FPLTOIF.com - if you create a plan while logged in you have the option to save all of your flights.


Thanks for the replies!

What I meant was, a physical logbook where I can log my flights in. For example,

[Destination airport] --> [Arrival Airport]
[Aircraft] – [Flight duration]


|Something like this

I’ve downloaded one from the play store to log my Lufthansa Cargo and Aerologic flights.
I found it easy to use with IF-Operations.

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Looks like this

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Not sure if you want to invest money, but there are some great ones (pilot‘s logbooks) available online.

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This one was free. It’s not bad. Only thing is there is no place for fuel so I add it in the remarks section

I can take a photo of my real log book tomorrow if you like?

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As you’ve shown in your last post, I recommend that you use a log book style book. Just whatever you do, don’t get mixed up between this one and your actual log book (if you have one)!

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