IF Photograher Aussie Spotter Pics

Hey guys,

Aussie IF Flyer / Spotter here!
Don’t really post that often, But enjoy flying & snapping a pic or two when ever i can.
Ive put together a handful of my recent favorites with some brief info.

hope you like …


Formation Flying QF 747 & A380 / Parallel departures and arrivals @ SFO (Expert server)


Flying with company YSSY departures (Expert Server) VA 777 & 737

Formation Flying VA737s & also Parallel Departures / Landings out of SFO (Expert Server) SFO runway ideal for the Parallel photos.

Qantas 747-400 & A380-800 Parallel landing SFO after completing formation maneuvers SFO (Expert Server)

Dusk Departures YSSY (Expert Server) enroute to YPAD with friends Airbus A320 climbing out while 747 lines up

Qantas formation break enroute to YMML from YSSY (Expert Server) Flying with more members of the Australian IF community


More Formation meet ups , x3 VA 737s heading towards YPPH on (Expert Server) after a quick morning hop from the West Australian Pilbara area. Port Headland Departure Airport.


Dubai Arrivals & Departures (Expert Server) Qatar diverted on medical emergency. A380 on Approach with 777 Holding short , and 787 on Taxi


Different angle underneath VA 777 taxiing to 34L YSSY (Expert Server) with QF A320 just touching down.

Long live the Queen holding short EGLL (Expert Server) With BA380 Super on Approach.


Those are amazing, wonderful pictures!

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You should 😬 those are awesome captures! Great eye candy


Wow that’s crazy awesome very cool 👍🏽😎

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Awesome! Great formation pics!

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Close quarters flying! 50years of 747 …


Great Pic’s .👍👍

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That’s an edit right? Wowza!

no edit, just replay tweeks…(lighting / cam zoom)

I Love a good tail pic …

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