IF performance + data usage and memory issue

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If i was currently tap the “Fly Online”, which means the devices will be running slow, it will causes the overheating and the battery life will be shortened. Rendering or Resolution was setting high will also causes the devices to freezes or crash. The devices of memory usage will be very high, and it always takes a lot of data to fly global with multiplayer while i was currently using the IF app. Otherwise i cannot be able to kept flying when the device storage is full. The next update will be coming soon and i hope we will be making the IF better. We will like to recommended to fixing several crash bugs and free up the memory usage that it will makes the app will running faster and smoother as possible.

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To address the app crashing/freezing issues you mentioned, I’d recommend lowering your graphics settings - you mentioned they’re on High, but that may be too much for your device to handle - that will also address the overheating issues you’re experiencing.

As for the memory usage, rendering many aircraft - their physics, liveries; 3D objects and the rest of the scenery does cost quite a bit of memory, hence why IF recommends that you have a device with at least 2GB of RAM, for both Android and iOS.

IF takes up so much storage because of the 1. replay files stored on your device, 2. scenery cache, 3. liveries downloaded on your device. To free up some storage, you can delete replay files you don’t need and clear the scenery cache every once in a while. Uninstalling the app directly does that for you (it deletes all replay files, though, so save the ones you may want to keep in Google Drive or another cloud storage solution), and even deletes planes downloaded on your device, however, it’s highly likely that those liveries will be downloaded again as soon as an aircraft is within range - so it’s not really a feasible solution to the problem.

Finally, the bug and crash fixes: if you come across a bug or your app crashes, first, search through the #support category with keywords about the bug/crash you’ve experienced, check if there are any related topics and try the methods of fixing it listed under the topic. If there is no topic about your specific issue, report it in the same category and, rest assured, we will do our very best to assist you. If the issue still persists, it will definitely catch the developers’ attention and they’ll take a closer look into it to see what can be done to mitigate it. The “Bug fixes and improvements” you see in the release notes aren’t necessarily bugs we can see/have seen and reported, they might be/include under-the-hood stuff that make our flying experience better.

Hope this helps!

Turn down your graphics settings and enable “low power mode” in the app to preserve the battery and better the performance. Also, make sure to have no other apps running while playing.

Turn down the number of “players visible” in the live settings to reduce the amount of liveries being downloaded.

Delete unnecessary replays to reduce storage usage by IF, but also delete unnecessary data on your phone to improve the performance of the app.

Infinite Flight is always working on improvements and several bugs are being addressed by the team Hopefully the situation will improve for you soon!

Thanks for your help!
We hope you to make the IF better for the next update :)
I’m would like to add the feature is —— Managing the downloaded livery or planes here in the future.

You’re in luck! There are a few similar feature requests to address that problem, the one I linked below is the most recent one and has the highest amount of votes - feel free to cast your vote for it here: Clear aircraft Cache

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