IF PAX Problem

I have already flown this route once! So now what exactly does this mean? It’s happening with all my aircraft on their scheduled flights, and it’s getting quite annoying

You need to contact them directly.


I’ve had to sell all my Aircrafts and rebuy them and reschedule different routes


We appreciate your post today but in-light of recent events we have decided to not permit Infinite Passengers to conduct their support on the Infinite Flight Community forum. This is due to the lack of support and responsiveness from the developer(s). Infinite Flight LLC is in no way affiliated with the Infinite Passengers app and the lack of customer service should not reflect poorly on Infinite Flight LLC.

Please see the related topic below regarding your issues or concerns:

With that, we will not be offering support of any nature on this forum for Infinite Passengers. There are a few methods to get in contact with the developer and those are noted in the above topic. Thanks for the understanding and have a great day!