IF PAX issue

I often get an error, including today, that says flying too fast below 10k and landing lights not used. Both are incorrect and takes points off where should be 100%. Please advise.

Do you have photos to prove this?

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I can look at a history and get it, right?

Quick question to make sure it’s a problem with the app:

  • When did you turn on landing lights?
  • What was your speed when you passed 10000ft?

Crossing into 10k, I’m usually 230 airspeed, which is fine. I don’t go over 249, as the warning is 250.

Landing lights are on around 5k feet.

They [landing lights] should be on before you cross 10000ft. Speed seems pretty good. Quick tip: do not balance on the edge. If you go 249kts, sometimes you can speed up because of multiple factors that will cause IF PAX to warn you.

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What was the altitude of the ground below you?
Because landing lights have to be turned off at 10,000ft AGL not MSL.

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No landing lights are MSL dependent


Miami, so pretty low.

This was one of my old posts, in it we determined that landing and strobes are AGL dependant.

Miami is 3 meters, so it’s not that.

Not worth tagging him. He only deals with support as described above.


Ah yes, I confused this with 250 KIAS below FL100, which is not AGL dependent. My mistake.

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I usually kick them on passing through 12000 feet. I also turn them off passing through that altitude. Im also usually at about 210 knots when decending through 12000. Never have to worry about an overspeed at that point. Takeoff Im at 225 to 230.

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