IF PAX and In-Flight assistant...

On long hauls for some reason both the apps turn off and i have to reconnect both the apps to Infinite Flight. What should i do to prevent the apps from turning off?

About my device :

  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • IOS 11.2
  • 64 GB
  • Have strong WIFI connection

Do type your suggestions in the comment below!

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I’m not sure, but it could be because of that: Your phone has got 1GB RAM. IOS itself takes about 200MB, so you have got only 800MB to use. If you are running IF another 300-500MB are used. (I have got an Android device, could be more or less on IOS). The amount of RAM IF needs changes all the time, that’s why I said 300-500MB. Then, if you are running IF-Pax and IF-assistant it takes even more RAM. So your phone is forced to close the apps otherwise it’ll use more RAM than it has.

i see but i realised that this only happens on some long hauls. it doesnt happen all the time.

Probably on long hauls with “heavy” scenery with a lot of mountains.

I have lost connection with PAX before. It could be that you ran out of RAM so make sure to clear it before you start up a flight

alright. i always have been clearing my RAM tho by holding down on the power button and then hold on the home button. well i guess moderators can close this. thanks for your advise folks!

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If you are still having a problem feel free to PM me ;)
Bye for now, @ZZBossGaming

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