IF pauses during flight

I have an iPhone 7. I can do flights on all aircraft except the 787, 777 and A350. When I do the game pauses and idk why.

Define “pauses”? Are you ending up on the pause menu in the app?

Did you mean that the app is freezing?

The pause menu comes up every 10 minutes

No, the pause menu comes up.

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That one can only get triggered by manually going there, or if you receive some sort of notification from your device that pauses the app. Since i assume you don’t go there manually, a notification of some sort is most likely.

If you try putting the device to Do Not Disturb, does it still happen?

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Idk why. The simulator just decides to pause. I haven’t tried the do not disturb yet.There is no notification.

Are you doing something while the simulator is running? Like switching apps or something?

Nope, I am not. I will experiment with it later.

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If you are not receiving notifications and not triggering it manually, I would recommend you do the old classic reinstall of the app. Uninstall the app, restart your device, and download IF again. Keep in mind your replays will be deleted, if you want to keep this export them and save them elsewhere, and then import once you have reinstalled!

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