IF paused itself

Hi there,
I just managed to finish my first long haul flight last week. It was from EHAM to WIII (about 12 hours). I found that during that flight, my IF got into pause for 2 times by itself. I left the flight after setting up ALT to FL310 from FL280 and about 4 hours after I left it, it was Paused. so I resume the flight and left it again but when I checked around 5 hours later it’s already got paused again. there was no interruption at all, I saw there was no missed calls, text, or any other phone notifications that I think might have cause the pause.

I don’t know if IF does behave like that or not in a long flight because that was my first time doing flight over 6 hours, but it sure was made my 12 hours flight went to around 13 or 14 hours and if I did not check my phone I probably ended up leaving the flight for 12 hours and still half the route.

anyone else also had experience this?

When you meant left did you mean you left it unattended or did you minimize the app?

If you were minimizing the app then the app itself “disconnects” from the game and pauses the game until you comeback to connect. Make sure that when you are flying flights that you have the game open the entire time and not in the background.

If the game paused even if you had the game open then it could have possibly happened if you received a call from someone or some sort of notification, Most notifications don’t pause the game so that might not be the case.


I can confidently inform you that I left the app running.

Check your battery level. When a battery notification appears, it will pause itself.

Do you have in-flight assistant? If you swipe it out, it will pause the game.


It could be possible that you have received a call mid-flight when you were looking away. And as @jetPro said there are different notifications such as low battery, etc that can pause the game.

if on the charger it could have possibly lost connection or a iPhone battery percentage warning

What device are we talking about? Apple/Android?

I have had this happen a few times and the causes for me were a phone call, text message or my alarm or notification pop up. Did your scenery become blurry also? If it is paused for an extended period of time or you are out of the app the scenery can look blurry.

I’m using android. and like I said, there’s no such warning / notifications at all during flight.
I also don’t use 3rd party IF app.

before anyone told me to, I also would like to inform that I have clear phone cache and restart my phone before the flight :)

Scenery was fine as when I resume the flight twice. and I check notification bar there was no phone call, text, whatsapp, telegram, instagram, facebook,line, etc that came with such notification that possibly paused the app. :)

I haven’t seen other reports of this. I think the next thing is to see if you can see it happen. Otherwise we are just guessing if we don’t recognize it until it is paused.

We don’t know of there’s another app you have or what could be causing it.

I always close other app before I start flying. after restarting the phone, I directly start IF.
and I’m pretty sure there’s no other app opens. :)

I’m not sure I want to stare at my phone the whole flight, hahaha

I’m referring to apps that aren’t open. You can have apps running in the background that can send notifications even if it’s not actively open. Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Possibly think about turning do not disturb mode on during your flight…

I do a KLAX - EGLL flight on the weekends, and when I do that, there are no interruptions. Maybe leave it next to you… away from like a living room(or piano room), etc, where multiple people would be.

I can assure you that there were no interruption at all, I put the phone in my bedroom on top of a high shelf and besides me only my wife can reach that, but she didn’t touch the phone at all because she already knew if my phone is in that position, it shouldn’t be touched or moved at any reason XD

That’s understandable, but all of you assurances aside, there is no other way to troubleshoot this. There’s an explanation, whether you can deduce it or not, but seeing it happen is the only way that that reason will present itself. Watching a flight for 12 hours isn’t ideal, obviously, but there’s nothing any of us can offer except for guesses, and the most likely explanations are the ones you are quickest to shoot down, leaving watching it happen as the only alternative.

yeah, if that is the case, I really wish that happened again and with me looking at it.
I threw this post here to see if other might have also experienced it, but apparently I’m the only one :)

anyway thanks for all fellow pilots that has responded, really appreciate it.