IF Passengers and IF Assistant

Got a quick question,

Can you use Infinite Passengers and IF Assistant at the same time on the same device for a flight?

I believe you can! You can use as many #thirdparty apps as you wish. Just be careful of to many applications

It’s not working for me, I’ve got both apps running in the background and IF Assistant works but Infinite Passengers doesn’t start the boarding music.

As far as I know they can run simultaneously, but I’d be cautiois paying for IF pax right now, maby contact the dev to see if it will keep being supported…

Do the other IF pax functions work?

No, but all the IF Assistant functions work

Ok, maybe it’s the app because when I started up IF with just it running it still didn’t work so I’ll troubleshoot the issue. Thanks for the help guys!

Ok, it now works, a mod can close this :)