If Orville and Wilbur Wright Came Back Today, What Would You Show Them to Show How Far Aviation Technology Has Come?


So I have been thinking about this for a while, but what do you think the founders of flight would think about today’s modern aviation industry? You get to show them 3 things, whether it be an aircraft, airport, aviation technology etc. I’m interested to see what you guys come up with.

Also sorry about the wordy title


Concorde :)

Just concorde, as it was probably the farthest we’ve ever gotten into speed and travel

concorde, 747, a350

A screenshot of FR24 before COVID


autopilot (made it longer using this sentence so i can actually post it)

Show them the fleet numbers of United, American, Delta, and Southwest


The supersonic, jumbo, and modern

(Concorde, 747, and 777X)

I would show them the Boeing 747, the Concorde, and the SR-71 Blackbird

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Definitely the fact that 2 dudes left the coast of Florida on Saturday afternoon and by Sunday Morning were walking around a Space Station


The AN—225 as the biggest, the Concorde as the Fastest (Commercial), and the A350 as the longest range

I would show them a GE90.

What in tarnation is this here obese circle?



A 747 or an a380

Literally any pictures of people on the moon or rocket ships

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F22, the plane to beat. Nothing can preform like it, it can out maneuver any plane you challenge it, and can go nearly twice the speed of sound, and has the radar signature of a bee. That would blow there mind. Airliners are cool, but I think planes getting bigger was inevitable. You forgot these guys lasted into the 40s and there were some significantly sized planes then, the maneuverability and speed of an F22 was something you wouldn’t fult the engineers of the day to think was physically impossible…

Might as well show them Infinite Flight and the ability to fly a plane using something that fits in your pocket.


I’d show them Infinite Flight and JetPhotos. We’re simulating their inventions on futuristic screens that we carry around.

Probably I’d show them the FAR/AIM and the Airplane Flying Handbook as well, lol

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To be fair that’s kinda a whole different concept from what they did…

Now show that to Dr. Robert Goddard and I’d agree…

Most certainly, I’d be showing them my butter 🧈

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Apollo on the moon
Space Shuttle takeoff and land
Spirit Airlines charging for everything.