IF operations

how does IF operation work?? i can’t see my landings

The flight log only shows the stats for the one flight you did.

i can’t find any stats

Launch IF Operations, then click begin pre-flight. In your settings, make sure “Enable Infinite Flight Connect” is checked. Once you start a flight, IF Ops will start tracking it once both seatbelt sign and no smoking are on, or your engines are on (depends on the aircraft). It’ll stop tracking once you turn the above mentioned things off. After that, go back to the app and then click the button that says create a report (or something along the lines of that). In terms of landings, IF Ops will only show your landing V/S, not the number of landings.

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okay thanks

does it show all the flights i’ve flown all week

No, once you finish a flight, you have to save the log in picture form or text form, IF operations does not store your flight data after you start another flight.

okay thanks for the help

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