IF operations problem

I am having a problem where while using IF operations if I get a phone call it disconnects this is especially annoying when I have been doing long hauls and I have to choose to either shut down the flight and redo it or finish the flight with out a Pilot Report I thought I would bring this up so they developers of IF operations can try to work out a fix

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Does anyone know the IF Operations Developer

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Can someone tell me if this is a ongoing issue

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Hey there,

You can maybe find them in the #thirdparty categorie but I’m not sure.

Hope it will help.

Have a good day

yea that happens to me sometime

A search would have resulted in this link, among others:

You would have found that @epaga is the developer.

The app disconnecting because of a call is a known issue.
As far as I know it has to do with certain restrictions in iOS.

This link, to another topic about it, also showed up in the search results:

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