If-operations problem

has anyone else have problems with IF- Operations in the last couple days. both IF-A and IF-O have stopped working mid flight

wifi has been fine
ipad no issues (9.7’’ 2018 model)

and I do not know what else to include

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I haven’t use both apps in the last days… and it worked fine the last time.

@epaga any ideas?

I have no issues with using IF-O. Did you try to uninstall and reinstall?

no I can try that


What’s IF-A and IF-Operations?

We have seen sometimes the IF app crash after a long flight, which often is related to a (shortage of) memory issue.

Just exactly what issues are you experiencing?

What operating system are you running and have you updated recently?

13.7 and not for a few weeks

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Should I update?

Has an alarm gone off, has someone tried to FaceTime you, or has anything that would temporarily stop IF occurred mid-flight?

Maybe for three secs to check my battery

The reason I ask is because all of the above has caused IF-A and IF-O to stop working. Even a quick FaceTime that I declined in seconds will disconnect the two apps. More than likely this happened. If it is a persistent issue, I suggest you contact the developer.

They’ve been working fine for me, maybe they simply need an update or your device is having an issue. I recommend trying to turn off and turn back on your device and see if that does anything. Sometimes a reset works! :)

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