IF Operations not working with IF Assistant

I installed IF Operations a while ago, then ended up getting IF Assistant with GPWS and RAAS shortly thereafter. Prior to getting IFA I had no issues with IFOps, but it only works occasionally now. At the completion of my flight IFOps is usually just sitting on the preflight instructional page. If anyone has both and they know of a way to get them both working consistently I would appreciate any info. Thanks.

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What I always do is close all apps besides IF, IFOps and IF Assistant. Also make sure that IFOps and IF Assistant are allowed to run in the background. Also, what device do you use? Just asking in case its a RAM problem

I usually only run it with those three open. I just can’t figure out why sometimes it randomly works. I’m using an iPad, and it doesn’t appear to be forcing ops to close because as soon as I exit the flight, ops is still on the begin checklist screen where it tells you to activate seatbelts, etc. A side question, when ops generates your report, is it populating your waypoints? When mine does work it normally only shows my airport of origin and the destination.

Hm. I land in about 1:40 hours and I will take a look at the report, but as far as I remember it should show all. It also does in the example picture in the PlayStore

Did you check that the IF settings needed are turned on?

Ok, thanks for the assistance.

Ok so mine has all waypoints:


Do you have this on?

And did you try reinstalling? Maybe the download was corrupted

Yes, I have flight connect enabled. I’ll have to give it a shot uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Maybe I’m just not loading IF, Ops, and IFA in the right way.

I mean you can’t really do anything wrong there… Tell me if that worked!

I’ll give it a shot and let you know. Unfortunately I just reached my cruising altitude on a fresh flight. Once I test it I’ll let you know.

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I always open IO and IA before IF… works 99% for me.

Hopefully it’ll get sorted out. They play the tone and voice prompt as though they’re activated, maybe the reinstall will work.

It seems to be working properly now. It’s even populating the waypoints, so it’s actually working better than before.

Cool, good job!

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