IF online payment decline question

Device: iPad air 4
Operating system: iOS 15/16??

hi all odd question I kno but does any of u kno if u can use an itunes gift voucher (like the one u use to buy apps with on app store) can be used to buy a month subscription for IF online? cus when I go to buy IF online and ive got a credit of 25.00 on my account it says payment declined but still takes the money off the balance as if ive paid for it ? I tried this yesterday and again tonight and nothing has changed ? not sure if its an apple issue or something which someone here can provide guidance for ?

Yes most likley you can use a gift card.

Yeah I used it to try and buy IF online for a month subscription but it takes the month payment balance off the total balance on my account but says payment is declined and says subscription didnt go thru

Umm if you are on the discord for IF then I would ask there also because I wouldn’t know what else to do.

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