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Hello, I am part of a national IF group and organize events. And I intend to add with the creation of a private tracker to our events. I would like to know how do I create one. Can someone help me? Thanks!

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I know this isn’t your question, but LiveFlightapp.com exists and is what you’re trying to make

Of course, I know of the existence of LiveFlight as well as Infinite Tracker. What I want to know is how to create a qur track only the flights of my group, just as I have seen in some VA’s.


You can make a custom one most likely through the use of the Infinite Flight API, so if you have some coding experience go check that out.

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You’d be able to do one if you all had the same callsign prefix. I can make you one if you like? PM me.

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Thanks to those who already answered.

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