IF on the iPad 2017

Hello guys since the IPad 2017 is dirt cheap and it’s better than the IPad Air 2, share ur experiences

What are you talking about?


I have no idea where you are going with this…please be more specific.

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I’m not sure if people here have bought iPad 2017 as its pretty new…

And are you talking about the performance on IF? Can you explain it to us more further the reason why did you make this?


Exactly I’m asking about the performance of the IPad 2017 in IF

This thing doesn’t have the best performance, display, camera, or sound that you can get on an iPad.

Quoted from here

From this quote, I think you shouldnt expect iPad 2017 can perform better than iPad Air 2 😊

And I think its just launched so none in here have bought this new device. If you want a safe option, then buy Air 2 😉


I just care about IF

The Air 2 is pretty amazing for IF. If it´s worse than the Air 2, I doubt it´ll run as good. I´d buy the Air 2 instead.


Right now I have the Air 2, it’s working pretty much fine: same graphics, fast, etc. There’s not much of a difference between the new iPad in 2017 and the Air 2.

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It’s a more powerful Air 2 variant. A9 chip with a solid GPU. Plus, priced at only $329! Great move by Apple. I suggest that he goes for it. They’re phasing out the Air line with the introduction of this cost-efficient series, anyway.


He wants to know if you have the new 2017 iPad, and how Infinite Flight runs on it just fine. @emil


I’ve the IPad 2017 it works a bit better than the air 2, you can run everything on high with it.

Can you not do that with the Air 2? I have a mini 4 which is less powerful but runs max everything no problem.

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I have an iPad Air 2017 and it’s better than my iPad 2000. Lol I’m just messing with ya. I have an iPad Air 1 and it handles IF (high quality aircrafts, anti-aliasing, etc. are enabled) better than my iPad 2. Sadly, the production of the iPad Air 1 stopped. So I suggest getting an iPad Air 2 or an iPad Pro. I also have an iPhone 6s, which also can handle IF, but it drains my battery down quicker than my iPad. That’s why I rarely play IF on my phone.

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Although it comes with a crappy display (Air 2 user over here)

@MannyG has the iPad

Actually we all know that is better but the question is why are you buying something very expensive while you have an ipad air 2 who is very nice

Yes indeed I have the new iPad… IF runs great on it and battery life is outstanding - I highly recommend it


According to the specs it has a faster processor and just as much ram as the iPad Air 2…

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Sorry for that. I guess I read the wrong source…


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