IF on Samsung Galaxy S7

very smooth experience and didnt notice lots of heat either. Waiting for next FnF to really give it a go.

Terrain high
Airplane very high
water high
anti aliasing on
screen res high


Thanks for sharing, glad to know it’s working well :)


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You could’ve at least given the iOS users (myself included) a hint of the Dash instead of the A318 in the photo (if you have it)

Looks like it runs great though.

Omg, my two favorite products in one

Hey John and Matt you might remember me anyways tmobile screwed up and sent it early, everyone out here thinks its stolen or something.

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What device did you upgrade from? How do you like it so far? How’s the battery life?

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LG G4, I have been playing around with it for about 2 days. It actually feels like a premium device, love the processor(820) and cooling system(liquid cooling) thats in this… actually helps in gaming, camera is good but nothing like the g4, the only thing I dont like is the amount of samsung junk apps are on this, idk maybe its cause lg didnt dump bunch of junk on their phones. Battery life is actually better than the g4 especially after update to mm on g4.

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The S7 doesn’t come out into Friday, March 11. Hes must of had gotten access to the phone early. Or updated over his phone.