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This was a topic way back when but this is regarding with the new Global Update. How can I play IF on a computer/laptop using a joystick? Perhaps an Android Emulator. I used to use NOX Player which was AWESOME and worked like a charm but now after the global update the app crashes after about 5-7 minutes of flying.


You could mirror your device to your PC.

Sadly, you can’t use an emulator anymore, as OpenGL 3.0 is needed to run. As said, you can mirror your device, but that’s all.

PC is not supported. Most of the emulators cannot keep up with the demanding graphics.

There is also many threads on this topic already.

You can use a joystick using Live Flight Connect.

LiveFlight Connect is… Well… Broken.

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Regardless of what Cam touches, IF and emulators don’t work at the moment. I used to use Andy but could only really use it for ATC. Even then the graphics were horrible.


If you are referring to the thread I made earlier, it was because I was flying the DC10/MD11 which aren’t supported by LFConnect yet.

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Ah thats too bad
It would’ve been GREAT if I could fly on PC…
Regarding mirroring, is it possible to mirror my iPhone’s Infinite Flight and then connect the Joystick USB to my computer to get it to work? Or do I have to get ForeFlight and go through that whole procedure.

Hi @Transport_Hub
I used to use NOX Android emulator as well as you. There is only one problem. NOX Android version is 4.2.2. Infinite Flight new requirements (Android 5.0) make NOX totally useless to fly… You can try to fly with the last versions without global of the simulator, but somehow the servers are blocked… It would be a lot more fun if they enable it again… Anyone knows another emulator with Android 5.0 or greater if possible?

Just wondering based on what @Europa_U_E_99 said, is there an Android Emulator with Android 5.0 or higher?

Regarding @Chris_S, I will take a look into IF LiveFlight Connect

Thanks guys

Bluestacks seems to have a lesser decrease I performance, maybe look at that

bluestacks dosent support global

you could use AMIDuOS if you can figure out how to intergrate Open GL ES 3.0 into it because it supports Lollipop


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