IF on Mac or PC?

Is IF compatible with Mac or PC, and if so can you control the game with the keyboard? I see the key assignments in the settings, that makes me wonder.

Don’t believe it is. Just researched it some. Could be wrong though.

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Those are just for add ons and plug ins for mobile devices, for example, I sometimes use my keyboard for my iPad Pro in IF.

Oh, that makes sense. I might buy a keyboard for my iPad mini 4 now.

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You would need to mirror it I believe.

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Could you control it from the mac’s keyboard?

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I am not sure as I do not use mirroring. Although I do not believe so.

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IF is not on PC or Mac. Only the devs have it for testing and decelopment purposes. That’s why if you see Laura on the PC, it’s for testing and dev purpose.


You can use Live Flight Connect to connect your keyboard/pc to Infinite Flight. LFC does not broadcast the sim on your screen but is more for the controls. People will use it along with a flight stick.

Emulators are not supported and so far most of them perform very poorly with Infinite Flight.

Some devices let you use bluetooth/usb keyboards so it depends on your device.

There are feature requests for a desktop version, search and you will find.


It’s currently a development feature only, there was a topic a few years back to see if there would be a market for IF branching out onto PC but it looks like that has been left behind for good reasons. Laura has implied that her top of the range computer doesn’t run it aswell as her iPad so it’s fair to say that the future is mobile and if IF were to come out on PC it wouldn’t be cheap with the hardware requirements.


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