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Hey y’all, hope you are having a great day. I was wondering how I could use IF on a computer as shown here. If I can, how can I do so? Thanks, and happy flying! ;D


That video I’ve seen before. You need an extension cord to connect to your TV or Computer monitor. They’re usually on Amazon

Do I just connect my iPad to my computer using that cable, or do I also need some sort of software?

You can connect it through the charging area to the TV or monitor. It usually doesn’t take long to set up

So I just plug it in?

I am also considering a joystick, would I just use a double usb or 2 separate and plug them into different USB ports?

I’d also want to stress:

Don’t expect to be able to run Infinite Flight seamlessly on a computer, it is not designed to do so and it is not officially supported.

Yeah, I heard that IF connect was not going to be updated anymore.

The base game and LiveFlight Connect are two different things. LFC was made to initially run using the PC as the link between the device and joystick. Not emulating Infinite Flight as a whole onto another device. Only recently has support been deprecated.

It could work, sure. But you’re easily prone to run into issues.

Samsung dex works well enough, however you’ll need better controls as the phone is used as a sidestick and most touches won’t work. Didn’t try that much on my side, I could barely take off and maintain a safe attitude.

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I recently was using ifc without a joystick, and the keyboard controls seemed to work well. Don’t know about the joystick yet, as I’ve heard that it can sometimes disconnect on short final and takeoff.

Thank you all for the help, hope you guys have a wonderful day/night!

Yeah, plug it into your charging area on your device. And then onto the computer or TV

I’ve plugged my device into my tv before. All I needed was a converter to switch the signal from lightning connector to HDMI. Only cost about 15 dollars

Hmm. Can you plug it into Mac? And if you can, can I plug a joystick in afterwards?

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