IF on android box (Mi Box, Shield etc)

Can IF be installed on an android TV box such as XiaoMi box ?

This shouldn’t happen to be anything like it 🙂

(I don’t know much about it but I thought they were slightly similar)

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This uses the S8+ and Dex to have a large display. I guess i’ll just get the box and test myself. A quick google search give no lead.

You mean instal infinite flight on the tv box itself? Not stream it via phone?

Exactly. I read the box can run game pretty decently. Hook a USB joystick and the control may be pretty much set. I afraid the apps is not available in the AndroidTV Play Store.

It would be hard to play infinite flight on a controller.

You know IF support USB joystick right?
Maybe the menu navigation can be done bt the remote 😅

I like where you are going with this. How will you get live flight connect to work? Or isn’t there a special thing for android?
As someone who uses Apple this could tide me over for the few days between the android release and the Apple release
My dad recently bought a new android tv box, it has an 8 core ARM processor so it should be able to munch through anything IF throws at it

got it up on my tv box

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Controller works thru OTG cable with android, in this case, most Box got USB port.

Is there any install or buy button?

Yeah there is, the only question left is : is it compatible?

If it install, it is compatible. Nah man I really dont know. I’ll try to get the box tomorrow and try it myself. If it work and combined with @epaga’s upcoming IF-A, it could replace my ipad setup.

As i am typing, it came across my mind how painful it is to interact with some buttons like ‘no smoking’ ‘seat belts’ and atcs.

Same! I was just thinking that. My tv comes with a keyboard remote with a little trackpad so I might be able to use that as a cursor and turn them on.

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You could keep the phone beside you and press them.

(Edit: I didn’t realise it was a separate box, never mind my post)

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Does anyone know of the android store offers refunds? If they do I can get it this afternoon and if I can’t get it to work I will just refund it

they does. you have 2 hour window for refund.

Yeah. And I believe there are some air keyboard for android box( normal wireless keyboard but also can act as a mouse as you hover it around)

here is my keyboard, at the top that black square can be used as a track pad. I will get IF and see if it works. I will probably get it in an hour. I will keep you posted.

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It won’t launch, I cleared memory and it just says “Infinite Flight has stopped” I will try cycling power.