IF on a Raspberry Pi?

hi! well I probably have a dumb question, but I own a Raspberry Pi 3 and I’m pretty sure you can boot one of the latest versions of Android, and I was thinking. “Hey if there is IF on Android, and i’m pretty sure you can boot a version of Android on a Raspberry Pi, would it run?” And I know it would probably be a waste of money buying another version of IF (I’ve already probably spent hundreds of dollars on IF). But do you think it would be possible? And if it did, do you think the Pi would read my yoke, throttle, etc? (It’s all USB)


I’ve tried to run Infinite Flight on a fire stick I think, It boots and then crashes. I think it might be the same on a PI but I’m not too sure.

I never thought of this. Assuming you can download IF and have it run, the next concern would be the drivers for the yoke and throttle. I don’t think the Pi has enough processing power for IF, though. However, there are definitely some cool things you can do with your aviation hobby and a Raspberry Pi. I wrote a topic on just one: Build a PiAware ADS-B Receiver

Oh hi Doggo I guess your Doggo from the Discord. And yea I dont think it would work.

Try it if you already have a Raspberry Pi :D

I do, just dont know how to download a version of andriod

Hmmm, okay thats a problem ;D

Unless your Pi has a dedicated GPU you are going to be in trouble. Graphics is why it wont run on Pi or any of the main Android emulators. I was able to get it to run on Andy back in the day but after the global release and newer planes that was beyond Andy or Bluestack’s limits.


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