IF Olympics Team UAE Official thread

Welcome to the official thread for Team UAE of the IF Olympics
IF Olympics team UAE logo

Our IF Olympics Team is sponsored by Emirates and Etihad Airline’s Virtual, Big thanks to them for the support.

First I am the leader of Team UAE and since we are team UAE we have chosen to include most of the fleet from Emirates and Etihad Airline’s actual fleet.
Our main city’s are Abu Dhabi and Dubai.


Events will be held Every Wednesday and Saturday
We will announce them once the competition begins


To Join you MUST pass the test because We will be operating a fleet of only widebody aircrafts and we need the most professional people to operate those aircrafts and remember to represent the country of the UAE well.

All Pilots should be Grade 3 or above
Join our slack and remain active
Pass the test given
Respect everyone
Act mature
Live subscription
Aircrafts with range of our destination

The fleet we will operate are:
Boeing 777-200LR: Emirates, Etihad
Boeing 777-200F: Etihad Cargo, Emirates Cargo
Boeing 777-300ER: Etihad, Emirates
Boeing 787-10: Etihad
Airbus A380-800: Etihad, Emirates
Airbus A340-600: Etihad
Airbus A330-200F: Etihad Cargo

For the people that are eligible to join ( Grade 3 and above + Have passed the test) will be assigned a rank
Grade 3 Pilots: Senior First Officer
Grade 4 Pilots: Captain
Grade 5 Pilots: Senior Captain
If you are eligible to join every rank and every grade can fly any aircraft

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at ORDtraveller@gmail.com
Join here

Thanks for stopping by and Let the tour of the UAE and more Begin

We will stop accepting applications at 12 Team members


Not eligible! Still a grade 2 :(((

No Etihad A321? 😭 I love that plane

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Because we will be doing long flights so we need long range aircrafts

for everyone interested… join now as global is near
Ring Ring Emirates and Etihad Are calling for you…


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