IF Olympics Team Callsigns

Hey I realise this feature is not applicable to everyone and perhaps only those who are involved in the games.

I realised some teams might be using their countries carrier callsign for their team callsign. For example Switzerland would use Swiss Air’s callsign “Swiss”. And Thailand’s Team would use Thai Airways callsign “Thai”.

This may be simple to implement but I am aware it may also not but it would be awesome if Teams could use their national callsign “German” “American” “Canadian” “British” “Austrian” “Irish” “French” etc.


We already have this one. But, these should only be available for people participating in the IF Olympics. Maybe, available if you sign up for it on a Google Form, like the server?


Good point man I wonder how they could provide that callsign for specific people though

Same way they gave Olympics participants and spectators access to the server.

Ah ok this would be my first time this year

This would be great to have!

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@Thomas_Oehrling it would be cool, but really it’s unesssary. Callsigns with work as GB04 for Great Britain 4 or SE02 for Sweden 2.

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Yeah, agreed on that. Like for Germany 7, do DE7 or DE07

It is fine to settle for that if it isn’t possible. Although it would be nice to be added.

Only problem would be 'Well they have UK and USA and Canada, why can’t we have France/Spain/Laos/Turkmenistan?

Exactly but I think they should only add confirmed teams

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