IF Olympic Query [CLOSED]

I keep seeing this IF Olympic talk…how does one participate in these Olympics? What events are sponsored? I’m just curious guys because this is the first I’ve heard of it

You have to join an Olympic Team to participate in them.


Regardless (but thank you) what do you do in them? Fasted landing speed without crashing? Longest flight in the shortest time? Race from one airport to the other?

Just read the Announcment post

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You join a team, you participate in the events and if your team is good you get to win ;) (Very simple explanation)

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How do you test people for doping?

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Well we’ve got alcohol covered “fly in a straight line”

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You can be the fighters …

It’s easier than you think


Send @Thomas_Galvin a blood sample.


Lol wow this thread is getting waaaaaaaaay off topic 😂😂

You mean all the teams? We don’t my friend

If you can’t handle it take a vacation 😂😂 for the month of the Olympics because it’s going to be absolutely hectic

Silencing the live category?

I’ve already asked for our own category but they won’t do it.

That would be so nice!!!

These Olympics aren’t taking place for three and a half months. Don’t understand why everyone, (besides the busy planner Thomas Galvin and any country leaders), is worrying about this now. At least wait another month and a half.

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Because Pictures Paparatzi have to get photos in before then! Thank you

Why now and not when the olympic games take place?

Because there are always pictures of the athletes (i.e. Pilots) practicing before the games. If you want you can join and become a photographer/reporter