IF Olympic media clarification

Just a quick one to prevent confusion,

The official Olympics media outlet is the Camera crew, led by @PlanesForLife:

We also have a Official photography team. This is Pictures media, led by @SkyHighGuys. Their primary focus will be on photos from IFO events, and they are also doing an authorized podcast.

Other groups, intending to broadcast the IFO in by any means (Posts, YT, Podcasts, Livestreaming) will not be given access to the Olympic server, unless they are part of the Camera Crew, or Pictures media team. They should contact @PlanesForLife/@SkyHighGuys NOW to avoid disappointment.



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Just to clarify! Do not contact me to get permssion to post outside of the Camera Crew.


Just to put everyone at ease, Pictures Media📸 Has been around exactly as long as Camera Crew. Here’s the date on our official thread for proof.

We have both been around for 20days and I talked to the leader of the Olympics and was given clearance to proceed (this was back when we were created)
Our media company does not intend to infringe upon the rights of said camera crew. Our goal is to provide perfect photos for those people unfortunate enough to miss out on the viewing. As you can tell by our name “Pictures Media📸” we are not a video or even a “live streaming, podcasting” camera crew. We will be doing some voice interviews but nothing like a podcast for the Olympics.
Again let me restate Pictures Media📸 Has been around AS LONG AS CAMERA CREW. We deserve our chance in the Olympic server.

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The Pictures media situation has now been resolved, and the main post updated. Sorry for the confusion. members of Pictures media should be in contact with @SkyHighGuys, as there are a few small clarifications we have made.

INFO @Wren_Jago

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Thank you for this! My company is in your debt!

-508 (Head of Staff at Pictures Media📸)

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Now that that is resolved. I would like to propose a “team up” is there any chance I can use some of your footage as background footage for the podcast. I know it might be too far but you would get fair credit and it woul improve both of our experiences at the Olympics

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