IF Oculus Gear VR

When will this become available?


Wow ! I never though of having IF on the Oculus !

It’ll be amazing !


Idk, it may be too much to run on a mobile platform. Could work for PC version of IF if thats in the works. Also, the only practical application for it would be cockpit view and possibly tower, all the other views make it useless.

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Current apps run with phone inside aperture. Movement of head could be used to drive direction via phone accelerometer. Voice recognition used for commands such as increase speed or even use the LiveConnect setup on joystick currently available via @carmalonso

Cockpit view. Hmm that almost sounds like a simulator!

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Wouldn´t this be just too ambitious?


I don’t see why not. The main building blocks are there. IF exists for Samsung Galaxy. We have Live Connect. The 3D geometry exists. Just a matter of packaging!


Would this actually work in Infinite Flight?

According to the NVIDEA GeForce application I have on my new PC, my computer is NOT ready for VR. That’s with an AMD FX-6300, and an NVIDEA GeForce GTX 960. If that can’t handle VR, I don’t see how mobile devices could even be considered capable.


I got lost at According :)

I think VR is the next generation of gaming. That’s all we will o in the future with Microsoft hololens, etc.

That being said I think instead of jumping straight to the oculus we should hit Samsung Gear, LG VR, Google cardboard, the smaller things for your phone. Not computer based.

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This would be awesome. The Gear VR is a great device, joystick flight via Connect would be perfect.

I’ve tried this on the Cardboard with a joystick plugged in:

It works, nice proof of concept (albeit hard holding the cardboard with one hand, joystick with other). I’d have tried this with the Gear VR, but neither the first or second gen ones have access to the USB port (which is why Connect would be perfect in this case). I’d love to see this in action with IF.


Just strap the cardboard on your head.

There are straps for cardboard. Duct tape it to your head. It will be worth it until you want to take it off.

Gear VR is amazing.


@carmalonso you should make LiveFlight VR. It’s just a big map, and you can look around the globe to see people. You could use some sort of controller or phone to click on things. Lol. Get to work!

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THAT. I’m so doing that.


@Swang007 Gear VR runs using the screen of the Galaxy, which the internal phone specs are built to run. VR headsets for PC such as the rift for example have a 1080P display per eye, meaning the PC has to be able to run the equivalent of 2 1080P monitors, on top of all the extra calculations related to VR.

Also I really wouldn’t have gone for the 6300…

Gear VR is amazing. So is Google cardboard.

@carmalonso you should see if your phone can run with Google cardboard (I think its only Nexus phones but idk) if it can order on for $15 on Amazon lol.

Works fine for what my purposes! Plus, I’m able to overclock just fine from 3.5GHz to 4.3GHz

Cardboard works on some other phones as well. Also all new phones would probably work now.

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Nah, got the OnePlus Cardboard which was free #neversettle.