IF not updating

Hello everyone, it’s been two days and google play is not auto updating nor notifying me of update for global. I have 5.9 GB free. Does anyone have an idea as to why it’s not updating for me? I heard for global, all you need is 1 GB. Thank you for any answers!

Make sure you have Android 5 or later, and openGL3 or later.

Check android version in settings
Check OpenGL version with this app


Please reply with the specific device model you have. Settings / About / phone model number.


Hey Man!

Check this out ;)

This new experience comes with a new minimum device requirement:

Infinite Flight now requires iOS 10 or Android 5.0
Devices need to support OpenGL ES 3.0 (should be supported by most Android devices with at least Android 5.0 and Apple devices with at least iOS 10.3, but unfortunately this is not guaranteed by each manufacturer).
Devices that do not satisfy those minimum requirements will not be able to update.

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