IF not recognizing my Pro Subscription

Hello, I am a user that has been subscribed to IF Pro for quite a while now.

After a few weeks of not flying, I have finally found time to fly today. However, I saw that IF isn’t recognizing my Pro Subscription. I am logged in to the correct account and saw on the App Store that I am still subscribed till the end of this month.

I tried restarting the app and the whole device, but the problem still persists - does anyone know other solutions?

Thank you,

Hey! Sorry to hear.

Please try the following:

  • Tap “GET PRO”
  • Tap “I already have an account”
  • Tap “Restore to default account”

If you’ve recently resubscribed and something went wrong when logging it, it might be that it ended up on a newly created account. If that’s the case, let us know :)

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Hi Schyllberg, thank you for the swift reply.
I just tried the steps that you’ve recommended, however it still says Get PRO at the top…

What is your current callsign used in the app?

It is currently set as All Nippon 126VA.

That’s odd.
It’s showing Expiration Date as January 18th 2021. No active subscriptions.

Can you grab a screenshot of what you see in App Store?

Oh my, I am so sorry, it seems like the subscription did expire a week ago. I wasn’t looking carefully, all my fault. I thought that it was still going… I deeply apologize for wasting your valuable time… I’ll be more careful next time. 😔🙏

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No worries. Most important is that we’re clear on what’s going on :)

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