IF not opening

Hey, I need help with my iPad it has storage full and when I enter infinite flight it would make me in but then kicks me out of IF even before I had full storage it would make my destination airport not 3d and the runway is flat and dosent make it like an airport so is it the full storage fault?

I would say the full storage is the root cause of your problem, try deleting things/ apps you don’t use that much or try reinstalling Infinite Flight. Also please explain on what you mean by the runway being flat, the runway should be flat.

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I mean like it’s not showing the airport

Like the airport is invisible

Ok, that’s a known issue and can happen sometimes, the devs are looking into it, so do things like restarting your device before every flight.

If you’re low on storage, that’s most likely why this is happening.
We recommend that there’s 1GB of available storage on the device otherwise issues like this may occur.

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Yes it’s low on storage. But I will try to clean my storage because most of it is backups from the iPad and I have less games but more pics

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Btw ik now the issue bcz the storage so thx to all that helped.🙏

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