IF not opening on BlueStacks

Hi, I recently downloaded BlueStacks and IF on BlueStacks. When I try to open the app, it simply crashes. It doesn’t even make it to the lading screen I’m on 19.4.2 for IF and 4.150.1001 for BlueStacks. Is this a problem on BlueStacks end or here? If here, can it be solved?

Here’s a quote from Seb regarding bluestacks:

So bluestacks isn’t working at the moment, but hopefully in the near future it will.


I’ll also point out that BlueStacks is not officially supported by Infinite Flight and therefore the reliability and quality is not guaranteed

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Ok, so 19.4 messed up pretty much everything, IOS, Android, abd BlueStacks. Got ya. Can I do anything to make it work. That’s more to the BlueStacks users

Currently, I don’t think so. Just be patient for the next hot fix :)

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Ok, thanks
At least I can play with my full setup when the hotfix comes out now.

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