IF Not Loading


I have an iPad Mini 3 on the latest iOS and just now I have tried to go onto the game and it isn’t working.

I click the app and it just freezes either on the opening page or the home page - I am unable to click anything.

I have refreshed/reset my iPad twice and to no avail. I have also double tapped and swiped up.

Has this got something to do with the new update?


Try to delete the app and download it again

I was thinking of doing that. If the issue is not fixed by tomorrow I will do that. I just hate downloading planes/regions again :( Thank you!

This has happened to me,
If you turn off your wifi network… does it open?
Try that.

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Hello. Sorry I haven’t got back to you earlier. I have deleted the app and will be reinstalling later :)
Thanks anyway, if it happens again I will definitely try it!
Thanks again,

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