IF not launching

The game just won’t start…my phone freazez for a couple seconds the screen rotates and the it goes back to normal…what should I do

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Restart your device.


Have you tried restarting your device, reinstalling your app or such? Which device are you on?

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The same thing has happened to me before. I had to reinstall on my iPad

I’ve restarted my phone and tried to reinstall the app.I’m using a Samsung Galaxy S7

Can someone help

Does something appear when your app doesn’t start? An error message?


You could try and do a factory reset on your phone to see if that solves it. But keep reinstalling the game.

Nah I don’t want to factory reset…anyone else got any suggestions?

@Laura what do you think?

You got it from the play store, right?
I got an S7 here, and it’s fine…

Do you have free space on your device?

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Yes I have 2 gb free and I did get it from the play store

Do you know how to use ADB?

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Ummm kinda @Laura

What should I do

use “adb logcat” while your device is connected, and send me the log in a PM when the app crashes


What is your phone, OS and IFversion?

Phone:Samsung galaxy s7
Os: android m 6.0.1
Latest if version