IF not accepting Pro Payment

Hello all,

I am reaching out because I am having trouble paying for a new Pro Subscription. Before my sub ran out, I had been using the 21.1 Beta version of the Sim. Then my Sub ran out, and I deleted the app and redownloaded it to get rid of the beta version so that I could pay for another subscription. But When I go to purchase a new Sub, It tells me that I have insufficient funds. I’m guessing this is because I’ve already had the beta version on by phone and It won’t allow me to buy another subscription until the Update releases. Also, I am on an IOS device, and I think the problem is with IF, but I don’t want to try and purchase anything else because I don’t want to loose the money for the IF subscription. Any help and or Advice is greatly appreciated.

               -Thanks :)

A little bit of explanation will help, do you think that the problem is with IF or with the store you are purchasing it from ?

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Oh!!! I forgot to mention that. I’ll just edit my post so everyone can have easy access to it. My apologies

No worries , it will help the moderators as well ;)

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scrolls left for 2 hours to read the post

Are u on beta?

Also make sure ur card is connected to apple store, usually insufficient funds is when u try to purchase from ur App Store balance but because there’s nothing there it doesn’t work

Change ur payment method to card

You can’t purchase an IF pro subscription in beta testing.

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@Gabriel_Gava he uninstalled the beta to be able to purchase the pro subscription.

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Please read the remarks that appears right after starting the app @Jetstream785

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Ohh, sorry

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Yes I know, that’s why I deleted and redownload the app so that i could get rid of the beta version and pay for a new sub.

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No worries :)

I don’t know then

have you tried actually to check your funds ?

maybe they are actually low?

I would wait for a staff member to answer

I have over 10 dollars in my account. and that balance shows up in both app store and Itunes.

have you bought any apps or subscriptions recently, or maybe you renewed a subscription you had before?

and If you live in the U.S its because of taxes as well

Insufficient funds is an error coming from the store. The app can’t control that.

Best would be to start here:

No, Before I put the money on my account, I canceled all other subscriptions.