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#I am pleased to announce a reboot of the IF News Website.

Due to exams and other personal commitments the website slowed to a bit of a halt however we are now back and would like to bring more exclusive interviews and giving you an update to anything you may have missed.

We will also be bringing back having more quizzes and exclusive interviews with FDS staff, moderators of the IFC and other member of the IFC.

To bring you all of this content we need some members to help us write these articles as well. If you are interested in writing a few articles or making some quizzes for IF news please send me a PM or @AlexH .

If you not comfortable writing on a more professional level but have ideas for quizzes or would like a Press Release for your event or VA then also please send me a PM.

We work in partnership with @Patrick_U @Michael on IF News Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/infiniteflightnews/

The IF News website is owned by @AlexH and he is helped by myself and an editing team (If you wish to join the editing team please PM or @AlexH me) . http://ifnews.co.uk

We would also like the community to decide who we interview next for the website

We are in the middle of an interview with @Mark_Denton, however due to the lengthy time these interviews often take we would like to start another one. I attach a poll below for the whole community to vote on who YOU would like to see interviewed next.

  • Phillipe
  • Henrik
  • Cameron
  • Schyllberg (Seb)
  • A Regular (Please comment below or PM me who)

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Our previous interviews, Laura, NEO, Carson, ValXP, Misha Camp, Tyler



Duh me 😏. Obviously the favorite regular…
Anyway, nice thread guys… May consider joining! If a regular were to be interviewed, I’d say probably @IceBlue, just my opinion.


A regular - @anon31652286

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Me of course 😱

My vote goes to phillipe, but @IceBlue for a reg


Go @Cameron.

And @emil as a regular.

Just not @schyllberg


I’ve heard of him I think…


Yeah, me too - He´s supposed to be very nice, not sure how he is, though.


I’ve heard he’s kinda empty in the head idk 🙃

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Yeah, his 3.7GPA last year would say otherwise


I could do for a regular.

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@jdag2004 For a regular!!


On a more serious note. If you choose to go with the regulars, Wouldn´t it be an idea to choose someone who actually has contributed to the community? It´s pretty easy to become a regular, so wouldn´t it be better to choose someone whose done something for the community? Like @dush19 for his airport editing and ATC work, or @JoshFly8 for his ATC work as a tester and trainer?

Otherwise people will just be tagging some who they are either friends with, or people they like.
That´s not necessarily interesting for other people.

Go in and take a look at the IFATC Trainer post, find a trainer whose a regular, and ask him.


And his IFVARB duties.


Yes. I was only going to pick someone who contributes a lot such as @IceBlue or @dush19. I may edit the poll only including those regulars and some IFATC recruiters.


Or me.

No, but, just pick someone who actually has achieved something in this community, that will definitely make the interview a lot more interesting! :)

Or atleast more interesting than a guy, who has achieved to sit on the forum for 5 hours a day and do nothing else

Could you do a joint interview with the newest mods?


@JoshFly8 - one of the best Regulars we have. Few have contributed as much as him. (He’s also a complete tool, but besides that. Lol).


We have already interviews NEO

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The only thing is, his answers will be super long.


Dush for interview 2K17