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Hello Community,

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I am pleased to announce the official re release of IF News.

As you may remember the old website got closed down for various reasons however after a few months the website is back up and ready to bring you more content. We are looking always looking at more ways to share content and currently looking at apple news so you can get personalised notifications about IF straight to your iPhone/iPad.

The team has expanded with myself and @ThomasR leading the editing team. I would like to say a huge thanks to @Michael for allowing us to use the IFN Logos.

The website will bring you all the latest news to do with IF and other Quizzes, interviews and much more content.

If you have any suggestions or Press Releases you would like published please PM Myself and we’ll get it sorted for you ASAP.

Please note the IFN Instagram is still up and running led by @Patrick_U and @Michael : https://www.instagram.com/infiniteflightnews/


If you would like to join the editing team please let me know


I’m so glad to have you guys back! I was so disappointed when you shut down as you are by far the best news website in existence for infinite Flight! Can’t wait to read more of your articles:-D


MaxSez: Good to see ya back!


I’m glad to see you gents get the IF News service back up and running Matt. I’m sure that with you and Thomas at the helm, we can all expect nothing less than the absolute best reporting on all things IF that is newsworthy. Thank you and the team for stepping up and bringing this back. All the best to you and staff at IFN.


Great, to see you guys back! Ready to be up to date with all the Infinite Flight News!


Some great articles in the works. Be sure to keep an eye out.

Yes this is great! What made you shut down in the first place?


Thanks guys, great to see you back! Do you have archives of the old articles?


Unfortunately, not every article we had before :/


Oh ok, mainly the interviews?


Yes, mainly the interviews.


Due to the previous owner of the website becoming inactive & unable to continue, we had to come to the decision to shut it down. Now thanks to @ThomasR we now have it back up.


Latest interview with @dush19 from Infinite Flight Airport Editing is now avaliable -



So it’s really just the community’s questions and a short introductory text?

Expected a bit more to be perfectly honest with you.
I also expected Dush’s life to be more exciting.


May I know your expectations?

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Anything more exciting than it is now

Please look here for details on our next interview: Infiniteflightnews.uk | Questions submitted for interview with Community Moderator Neo


We are looking at our next interview and after comments received we have a choice between two. @schyllberg and @Joe . We will ask and then hopefully progress with the interview that you choose! Please vote on the poll below. Poll closes on Wednesday at 18:00Z and we’d aim to publish the interview in a couple of weeks time.

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  • Joe

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If you’d like to join our team please PM me

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@Matt…MaxSez: Matt we have a very dynamic community now. Lots of interesting folk with diverse aviation backgrounds plus the AvGeeks who walk the walk and talk the talk. Interviewing IF “Personalities” has run their course in my opinion. I’ve heard from all the Staffies numorious times, sometimes interesteresting but often redundant. How about some different strokes for different folks. Let me suggest you consider some of the Duty Expert members who appear on on the Forum pages regularly with insight and aviation expertise. Same olde is Same Olde & gets real ”Old”!


@Maxmustang to go alongside these interviews we are also doing ones with other key members of the community. We have some planned coming very soon so look out for them.