IF News.co.uk (Infinite Flight News) | Logo Reveal!

Greetings Fellow Regulars,

[Being Updated…!]


This looks interesting!
I’m excited to see what news you post:-)

I would suggest you see how the website works out under a free domain first before getting a paid one :)


But do we need ifworld.co.uk? :))

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Ill be happy to be a contributor

Thankfully I have had experiences with ‘.com’ domains before so I do know what I’m doing ;)

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Okay! But blending GA and IF just doesn’t go well to me😂

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I’ll see how it works. Possibly just IF but I’ll see how it goes ;)

I’ve now received approval to start constructing.

This website will be for IF users, so I ask for any ideas of items that you’d like to be included other than ‘news’.

I have also made the decision to keep it to strictly Infinite Flight.

OK please start giving me some news.


Quick Anonymous Survey!

Significant progress is being made on the site. I am not rushing it because we hope to create a experience you will enjoy and one that is professional.

So that I can optimise the site and improve your experience upon launch, I ask if you could take this quick (there are 4 multi-choice questions) anonymous survey. All feedback is appreciated, thanks in advanced.


Thank you to all who completed the anonymous survey. At yet I can not give a launch date, however it is getting closer ;)

In the meantime, you can follow us on our social media platforms for any updates.

Twitter: @ifnewsofficial
Instagram: @ifnewsofficial

Alternatively you can email: hello@ifnews.co.uk


Looks pretty cool! Simular to IF Post logo.


Update! (Small One)

The website is somewhat live. You’ll no longer be redirected to a blank white page :) Check Here!

Isn’t this just the same as IFN

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No, it is not. IFN is an Instagram page. We are a website. We will be publishing news in the form of actual articles, with quizzes, polls, interviews and so much more on our site. Hope that clears things up :)

Why don’t you just partner or merge as this is basically the same.


I don’t see how this is basically the same. An instagram page and a news publishing website. :)

This may be something I look into. I haven’t contacted them! :)

You don’t know what we are doing in the background ;)

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