IF needs improvement

Hello guys! I am frequent infinite flight player .I really love that IF team is working on new liveries, ATC inprovements and more. But don’t you think that a lot of improvement is needed in graphics. First of all Clouds. Secondly , the sky ,moon and ,sun should look a little bit more real. Then lighting system of aircrafts needs to be more improved. Can you all support me with this and vote for this improvement in the future as it will make the game more interesting.


Infinite Flight is constantly improving. We might not necessarily see it all right away, but improvements and optimizations to the code are happening with every release, paving the way for cool new features to be implemented, while at the same time making the app as stable as possible, and keeping it available to as many devices as possible.

A recent example of a major backend improvement is the upgrade of IF’s client and servers to .NET 8, which you can read more about here. Trust me, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that we may not be able to see immediately, but the result will certainly be obvious in the long run.


Thank you so much for your response. Ok… waiting for all these features . …

There’s a lot to come. That’s all I can say.


Thank you so much…👍👍

Okay, so this is where I stand with your post.

If i were new and just started with IF, i would totally agree with you.
It might not be cheap and it might slack some things in comparison with other apps out there.

Keep in mind that this is an app though and it has come a long way.

Sure, the cloud layer is questionable but I’ve been on IF since 2014 and when you compare the two versions to today’s one IF has come a really long way. From taxi way lights, to airport maps to 3D buildings to live cockpits and reworks of aircraft.

Back then you used to have to buy your individual aircraft that you wanted but it’s all included now.

Keep in mind that a lot of people are also working a lot. A lot of volunteers putting in effort to complete 3D airports etc.

Beta testers constantly testing new versions and reporting bugs.

I’m with you that it needs improvement, but at the same time look at the progress from where it came from.

And I’m sure I’m bot the only one who’s been here a while.

I appreciate all the work that’s been done because i can see the difference.
But i understand if it’s hard to see for somebody who’s new in the community and to the game.


Very nice explanation. Yes i do appreciate infinite flight for improving to such a greate extent. And yes they are trying their best for making our experience best. I just wanted to highlight these things. Otherwise no issue i can wait for these improvements .

Yeah absolutely.
We all agree with you but we all experienced another IF so oir respect for it is on a alightly higher level than yours.

But the rework of the A380 (WIP), for example, has us all very excited

If you showed me today’s Infinite Flight 7 years ago when I started, I would be pretty impressed. Looking forward to seeing the features you mentioned

Main question is are we gonna have new IF lighting system and all before GTA6?? 🫣

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The dev team are working hard to make if as good as possible!

As far as I know, IF is in constant development. They always bring a new thing or two… regularly.

Last thing I know they just updated the servers and some other technical stuff…

Can’t wait to see what they have in stock for us in 2024 😏