IF movie question

Hello guys!

If I want to make a IF movie under 5 GB
What are just the important parts to film, beside takeoff/landing

Landmarks and some highlights of the journey. I’d look for some eye catching scenery to put into there as well. Filming across an ocean isn’t really eventful. If your flying a long haul your guaranteed to see something beautiful throughout the flight. It’s just a matter of searching for it. ;)


Views, use the scenic camera, getting the short quick shots that make movies interesting, high quality, good transitions from one shot to another, unique angles and such

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Record it in 1080p not 4k, you’ll save lots of storage

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Ok, so something I could do is
Record taxi/takeoff
All of departure

1 hour of the best senery

All of approach
Landing taxi

And if all good it should just be about 5GB?

Time lapses can also be good to use. Can speed up parts of climb and descent making the movie shorter and thus less storage

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