IF Monitoring Mode (2nd device)

Maybe a pipe dream but I can’t think it’s impossible; what if IF were running on two devices, say a tablet and a phone, and one was doing the flying while the other displayed all the stats and/or a route map in a read-only mode?

Since they’re both logged into your account, in interface terms it’d be a simple matter of adding a new option in the launch menu that says ‘Flight in Progress’ which presumably IF could do seeing as they already know when two devices on the same account have flights going at once.

Possible use cases:

Live-streamed flights; using a SuperSource view on an ATEM switcher, one could use the external display in a lower third to display stats without obstructing the footage of the aircraft in flight.

Long-haul overnight flights; how many of us have our tablets at our bedside versus our phones? Better, by far, to leave the tablet charging on a cooling pad and be able to glance at the phone in the morning rather than panicking that you’ve missed your TOD!

Advanced stats; the status bar can be cumbersome to change in-flight. With this feature there would be a series of windows with stats grouped the same way as the existing status bar options

There might be other applications but those are what come to mind. I’d love to know people’s thoughts

There already third party apps to do this though
Like Map Flight and LiveFlight

Yes, but this would be a far more direct method and could give us much more freedom over what gets displayed and how. And no offence to the devs behind those apps but they can be lamentably slow to update when the servers are busy, which is of little use to those running streams


Yeah true. very cool request, would be interesting to see a version of those in InfiniteFlight.

I guess we’ll see if the devs come up with anything :)

Or also for multi frequency controlling one on Tower the other on Ground. That would be neat! I am out of votes but will save this to remind me to add a vote when it becomes available.