IF Mid-day Spotting from MUC Tower

Hya All

Another amazing ATC session into my records, another spotting session into my records. This time was on EDDM, another Lufthansa’s HUB, and a beautiful city in Germany. With a huge amount of traffic, I didn’t missed the opportunity to spot some planes in the ground, departing and arriving. We have also a rare spot this day.

Also, we had A LOT of A350s during this session.

Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down...

Airport: Muenchen EDDM
Aircraft: Shown in the pictures
Session duration: 0:51h
Server: Expert

A lot of Lufthansa’s A350s starting the engines to various destinations. You can see the most realistic Comair, departing to LHR.

Another A350. This time was a Delta, about to start it’s trip to New York JFK.

A private A318 arriving from doing some VFR around Germany

A heavy KLM 77W loading cargo for it’s short trip to Amsterdam.

Another one. Lufthansa A350 taxiing to 26L. It’s destination was Tokyo HND.

Next up, an Aeromexico B788 loading pax and cargo for it’s trip to Mexico City. (#amx789needed)

The spot of the day: this rare Iraqi Air Force C208 doing some pattern work. It was worth taking that shot :=)

A B77W taking off to do some VFR flying. Can you notice that slightly edit?

A private Citation X arriving from Casablanca

And the final spot of the day: A Lufthansa A320 departing to LHR.

That’s all folks. Thank you for taking a look at this beautiful spotting session. I’m sure you enjoyed it.

Edit: Sorry for the quality drop. Discourse made it’s job to do it. Great pics anyways ;)



Nice pictures :) Lufthansa my love 😍

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Thank you. It couldn’t be a MUC without a Lufthansa lol ;)