IF Map and MOA'S

With the resent updated F18 Super Hornet and more 3D Military Air Bases I hope and think military air ops will continue to expand its user base and presence in IF. AAR is important as support as well.

With that in mind and IFATC looking at this type of activity why not include and show MOA’s (Military Operation Areas) on the IF map.

We already have Controlled Air Spaces and TFR’s

Just like the CAS’s it can be toggled on or off
and shown in blue like real life if the color can be done. This will avoid clutter and help performance when desired.

There are not that many of them actually as the larger overall area. They are sub-divided into different uses, including “lights out” operations but we just need the larger area. MOA ID and high / low Altitude restriction can be shown by clicking on them. These areas also in real life have operational time schedules But we can keep them available continously in IF.

This will add realism and help IFATC . it will help keep virtual Mil.Training somewhat in the “Box” .
and make route planning easier. These include the bombing gunnery ranges as well for flying ground strike simulated missions and practice. We have several here in Florida.

Lastly the issue of IF violations on Expert Server
There may be a way IFATC as in real life can relax the speed, separation and other performance when conducting training in an MOA. This includes military formation flight training. IFATC can request clearance to operate in them and file clearance to pass throught them if possible.

If a "area " is congested with training exercises
then access can temporarily be denied. We aready do this at busy airports and for TFR’s.

So I’m suggesting this Map selectable feature be added to IF.

I have attached an image of the West Coast USA MOA’s so the size , location and amount of them can be seen.



This actually ain’t a bad idea.

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Seems like a good idea.

Would love to see this implemented.

(Also #features category?)

This is probably a Tyler question but I’m pretty sure anyone can fly through a MOA, even if they are hot (although that’s probably not a great idea). In addition if this does get implemented it would be really cool if you could contact a range controller and light the MOA.

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