IF-Mallorca's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ LEPA

Dear airmen, after 3 years since my first infinite flight flight I decided to join the dark side I mean, the control side. I’m opening this thread so pilots can help me practicing my skills on the tower and ground. I want to improve my reaction speed during stress situations.

At the same time I’m taking professional practice sessions with an amazing trainer, with the objective to be a certified IFATC Specialist in the next weeks.

  • Opening spanish airports only

  • Ground / Tower frequencies always on the Training Server.

  • Try come do some inbounds, transitions, touch and goes, go arounds and create some conflicts!

Thank you for cooperating, any kind of feedback will be appreciated via this thread.

I deserve the right to send feedback to pilots with a lack of experience, but with initiative to understand and follow ATC instructions


Look around a fighter jet is approaching your airspace.

I see you in Son Bonet airfield. Pretty smooth takeoff


I was a little sleepy, so we may have had a slightly bad experience, Ping me when you open again please. btw If you want to be an IFATC, you should apply right away, it was very good.

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I already applied and im under professional trainings. But in the meantime I want to practice a bit more with the community, thanks! :)


Palma de Mallorca G&T is now closed, good day

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Palma de Mallorca G&T opening soon

1100Z to 1200Z expected

Palma de Mallorca G&T is now open 310@12G24KT


  • Ask runway changes, go around, reject takeoffs, etc…
  • Please behave, do not move without permission.
  • A feedback would be nice after the session if you have time!

Requested reminders:


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Will you still be open in 10 minutes?

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sure, I plan to be at least 1 hour


@Shameer_Khan if you are departing with a destination you should request a departure to the cardinal direction. In this case you should have called for a takeoff departing east

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I need to go soon can I quickly taxi to 24L?

Sure, no problem!

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Feedback from D-RABL:

Possitves from the session:

  • TO with pattern direction
  • Runway change with pattern entrance
  • Transition alitude correct


  • Cleared without pattern direction
  • After being approved to depart no frequency change was used

Overall descent session, but there is still improvment to be done. Also I noticed that when you gave a G/A to an aircraft on final, a rejected takeoff order wasn’t given to the departing aircraft.

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@robin-haraldsen what are you doing

@Md_Jaffery_Jawed same to you…

I’m sorry it was a nice Sunday morning and I was sleeping but I’ll try to come next time:)

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Thank you for trying anyways!

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Palma de Mallorca G&T is now closed, good day!

Thanks for those who have joined!

@Md_Jaffery_Jawed @robin-haraldsen you would fit better on Casual server.

First of all, thanks for taking your time for this feedback. There was a moment of stress when I had more than 10 aircraft requesting at the same time and didn’t have enough time later to reply.

Yeah, I noticed that, in some planes I corrected it witht the Correction, stand by command, but I might dismiss any other case.

I’ll try to improve this during the next session, thanks!