IF-Mallorca week summary [Part 1]

So the week has finished and I will bring you one photo per flight I’ve done. A total of 8 flights and 21147km.

[1] CYYZ-KLGA-CYYZ: A return flight with Westjet airlines. Friday 11

[2] CYYZ-OMAA: Etihad Overnight. Friday 11 - Saturday 12

[3] OMDB-UUEE: Moscow fly-in event flight. Saturday 12 afternoon

[4] UUEE-LETL: The 739 going to the scrapyard. Sunday 13 morning

[5] LETL-LEMD: Private flight to take the next flight. Sunday 13 afternoon

[6] LEMD-LEPA: Back at home after 3 weeks :D. Sunday 13 afternoon

[7] LEPA-LIRN: The start of the european tour. Sunday 13 night


Some really cool shots of a long week of flying as it seems!

Some rather cool airports like Teruel, Madrid and Palma as well as Napoli, which are always good for fantastic views. Thanks for sharing!


Thank you! I’ll try to share this each sunday :D

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Really great shots!

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Really cool. Great idea as well

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How do you do this?
i know there was a thread can somone tell me?

Wait i reconginise this #screenshots-and-videos topic lol

I feel like a billionaire

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Hahaha, thank you for your comments. The map is made with greatcirclemap.com where I log each flight since I fly from the last airport where I landed. Have a nice day! :D

Here you can see my “logmap”

Hey @IF-Mallorca nice photos do you remember me from your events?

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Yes, of course I remember! :D

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I made an event, do you want to join it? Its called India to Seattle connection if you scroll down you will find it

I would but I can’t for two reasons:

  • My subscription ends on 21DEC20
  • On 2nd of January I have to take a plane back to my City
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Oh ok thats alright. But if your subscription ends on the 21st does that mean you wont buy a new one anymore? Just wondering.

I will, but after xmas holliday

My event is morning 2 jan in zulu time. Not sure if you will want to stay up because landing time is like late at night for you im pretty sure.

I would not be able, my flight is in the zulu afternoon. Better to keep that conversation in a PM

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Oh ok sorry.

Nice! I like the easyjet flight the most!

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