IF-Mallorca | A220 first impressions

Today I bought a new IFPRO subscription after a month of inactivity. I tested the A220 and I’m in love with it!

Server: Expert


it’s an amazing little aircraft, it handles like a dream!


Probably my favorite aircraft. Welcome back!

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Nice shots! Probably gonna get some hate for this but I’m personally not a fan of the A220, I think it’s overrated.

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I agree. I’m not a big fan of it either. I don’t like how the wing flex looks. But it is still a great addition to the game.

Thank you!

I wish 😭. I keep slamming the thing into the ground haha. I have more luck buttering the 752 than the CS300.

Totally the opposite for me ☠️

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Amazing Shots, Aitor!